NiP enter the upper bracket playoffs of the Minor

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  photo by Ninjas in Pyjamas

  Day 3 of the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor would see the

  culmination of the group stages and by the end of the day, four teams would

  find themselves in the playoffs while three more would join Winstrike on the

  outskirts of the event.

  The series to start the day out the day would decide the first team from Group B going through into the playoffs as Ninjas in Pyjamas would take on Mineski. While NiP already had their TI9 slot booked, Mineski have struggled recently and would be looking for a way into the playoffs in hopes of reaching EPICENTER. The Southeast Asian squad went for a Riki in the first game and while it seemed promising in the early period of the game, it just had absolutely no impact once NiP grouped up and the game was done in under 30-minutes.

  Game two seemed to be completely going in the favour of NiP as they ran down Mineski constantly and by half an hour they had removed two barracks from their opponent’s base. But as the game went on, Mineski had a huge resurgence and it looked as though they would push it to a game three – but it just wasn’t enough. NiP were able to hold their own, throwing everything into the game and taking a 2-0 victory.

  NiP now join Alliance in the Upper Bracket playoffs while

  for Mineski, they have one more shot at reaching the playoffs when they face

  either Team Sirius or compLexity Gaming later today.





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