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Harry Song
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Off the Questionmark Entertainment label comes Harrison Tare Okiri a.k.a. Harrisong, an exponent of – in his own words – “Afro-hiphop-dancehall”. Born in the early 80's, he hails from Delta state, Nigeria.

Harrisong is proficient with drums, including the konga; the piano and the flute, as well as playing the base and the acoustic guitars. Multitalented, he is a vocal trainer. He also writes and produces for himself and others.

Harrisong’s major influences come from the Church where he started early under the guidance of his mum, the leader of a choir. Harrisong was 11. Since then, he has gone from strength to strength, and was a musical director for 15 years at the Church of God Mission in Benin, headed by the late Benson Idahosa.

Harrisong was born in Warri and spent his formative years there and later in Port-Harcourt. Both towns are in the heart of the Niger-Delta region in Nigeria. As an indigene of the restive region, Harrisong has denounced the violence in the area and espouses the belief that other mediums, including music, can be used to bring the grievances of the combatants to the fore.

He is proud of his humble roots and has not let his patchy formal education hold him back. The loss of his mother before he could finish his secondary school education -coupled with a strained relationship with his father and step-mother - saw him hit the streets early do to what he knows how to do best; music. He had already represented his school at various competitions and had always excelled.

In spite of the fact that he left school early, he expresses himself smoothly and with clarity; and articulates his points with idioms and biblical allusions.

At the turn of the century, Harrisong returned to Warri from Port-Harcourt and became a student of classical music at a religious organisation. In 2007, he moved to Lagos.

Before signing on to top-notch label, Qustionmark Entertainment, he had performed weekly as the lead singer of live band shows at the Sheraton Hotel, the Niteshift Coliseum and O’Jez Bar, all in Lagos. Harrisong’s athletic and well-toned figure betrays the fact that he takes his stage performances seriously.

At the time, he also went from studio to studio recording, until he met Del B, a producer. The duo teamed up as production partners and they have worked with notable names in the Nigerian music industry. These include Omotola Ekeinde, D'Supremes, Darey, Paul Play and Olu Maintain to name a few.

The fusion of a premium brand and a market-savvy organisation which is Questionmark; and Harrisong – a natural talent who has virtually done nothing but music his whole life – is bound to make a telling mark on the Nigerian music industry. This explains why Harrisong’s 16-track album - which is being mixed and mastered in the UK - is highly anticipated in Nigerian music circles.

To quench this thirst, while also wetting the appetite for more, Questionmark has released one of Harrisong’s tracks YEKELEM as is lead single. This would serve as a precursor to his forthcoming album launch..


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